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Bottled Spring Water Delivery Made Bottleless

Welcome to WatermaticCoolers.com and welcome to Bottled Spring Water Delivery that is available whenever you want it! This is possible because your fresh pure water is right there with you, wherever you are: Watermatic Coolers work by filtering your existing water supply with our exclusive green and eco-friendly purification technologies for water that is naturally flavored. For quality Water Delivery that is constant and guaranteed, choose Watermatic Coolers technology and choose the modern way to drink for the health, convenience, and savings you deserve! Both standup and countertop solutions are available for your home or business, which you may lease or own for less than the cost of bottled spring water delivery. No more lifting heavy 40-pound bottles, making for reduced workers’ compensation risks. No more running out of water and bottled water delivery insecurity. And absolutely no wasted space for storing giant bottles. Eliminate airborne contamination – and more!

Bottled Spring Water Delivery has come of age with our safe and environmentally responsible system for better water. Watermatic Coolers offers your family or your employees the 21st Century way to drink and chat about family or business matters – or the previous night’s game! Our exclusive Activated Oxygen Injection and ATS Auto-Tank Sanitization technologies are microprocessor controlled to make for an endless source of healthy refreshing water.

Watermatic Coolers are a point-of-use solution, which translates into savings of up to 50% over conventional Water Delivery methods. It also means multiple filtration immediately before you drink your water, and not only of the water but of the air itself! After all, dust particles, microbes, and other airborne contaminants are a factor in health and safety – and only Watermatic Coolers takes that into account with multi-step filtration systems built-in for hygiene further ensured by being a closed system.

Watermatic Coolers means bottleless Water Delivery for convenience that does not impact the environment negatively. It also does not impact your home or office space, with professional installation practically identical to that of cable television service. See why Watermatic Coolers was a 2008 finalist for The Stevies, The American Business Awards, honored across five categories for innovation excellence and achievement, including environmental responsibility, corporate management, and most impressive new company!

Savings of up to half over spring water delivery. Multiple microprocessor-controlled filtration systems, including of the air, right before dispensing. Convenient solutions customized for your home or office, with professional installation that involves absolutely no hassles. And no risk of injuries handling heavy bottles, no wasted space storing enormous bottles, no environmental damage producing plastic bottles and delivering them.

That’s better water for you.

That’s Watermatic Coolers.

Better water for a better you. Better water for a better world.

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